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Smartphone Media Studio converts all the common video formats
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With the Smartphone Media Studio 3.0 you can watch movies on any kind of smartphone. This enables the user to watch any movies or TV shows while traveling and nothing more than the cell phone is necessary. The program is capable of converting all the common video formats into files that can be viewed on a smartphone. The advantage is that this is a hand device that is almost carried around and it now can conveniently used watching videos.

The Smartphone Media Studio 3.0 takes advantage of modern technology and works fast and efficiently. A memory card with 128 Mb of memory is all that is needed to hold 100 hours of video. The program packs all the video content in a MPEG4 file, which is extremely small for what it includes. The Smartphone Media Studio 3.0 also uses the so-called Cyberspeed technology which can transfer DVDs up to 400% faster than other methods.

Many types of smartphones are supported by the Smartphone Media Studio 3.0 program. The handset itself can be from Motorola or T-Mobile, for example, but all the smartphones are required to use a mobile version of Windows.

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  • Can take movies and videos around everywhere on the smartphone


  • Needs Windows OS
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